I'm a philosopher of mind. I work on philosophical issues about conscious experiences.

Most of my work is also connected to value theory, epistemology, metaphysics, or cognitive science.

I received​ my PhD from New York University in 2019, where I worked with David Chalmers, Ned Block, and Thomas Nagel. Before that, I studied Philosophy and Cognitive Science at Brown University.

In 2019-20, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Rice University through its Value of Consciousness project.

From 2020-24, I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Oslo through its ConsciousBrainConcepts project.

During 2021-22, I will be a Postdoctoral Fellow at Australian National University through its Centre for Consciousness.

My main research projects are on

  1. the formal structure of conscious experiences.

  2. a consciousness-first approach to value theory.


Is Consciousness Continuous?

The Value of Life Itself

Consciousness Makes Things Matter

How We Know Pain Is Bad

Knowing What It's Like

Objective Phenomenology

First-Person Technology

The Structure of Analog Representation

Co-authors: Gabriel Rabin & Joshua Myers

You can reach me at andrew.yuan.lee@gmail.com.

Here's my​ CV.

You can also find me on PhilPeople.


Modeling Mental Qualities

* Forthcoming in the Philosophical Review


The Microstructure of Experience

Journal of the American Philosophical Association

2019, 5 (3):286–305


Is Consciousness Intrinsically Valuable?

Philosophical Studies

2018, 175 (1):1–17


Does sentience come in degrees?

Animal Sentience

2020, 29 (20)