I'm a philosopher of mind. My research is mainly on philosophical issues about consciousness, especially questions about the structure of consciousness.

I'm also interested in a wide range of philosophical issues concerning mindethics, epistemology, metaphysics,  language, science, and math.

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I'm currently a Research Fellow at the Australian National University. From Fall 2023, I'll be an Assistant Professor in Philosophy at the University of Toronto.

I received​ my PhD in Philosophy from New York University in 2019, where I worked with David Chalmers (chair), Ned Block, and Thomas Nagel. Afterwards, I was a postdoctoral research fellow at Rice University (2019-20). I did my undergrad at Brown University, where I graduated in 2013 with a BA (Philosophy), BS (Cognitive Science), and MA (Philosophy).

You can reach me at andrew.yuan.lee@gmail.com.

Here is my​ CV.

My work is available on PhilPeople.

You can also find me on Twitter.

Here's a brief summary of my research that draws from only the 1000-most common words in English:


"The way it feels to be you is different from the way it feels to be me, and even more different from the way it feels to be an animal. I study basic questions about why we feel, which things can feel at all, why some ways that we feel are good and others bad, and how we can become better at thinking about the ways we feel."


Consciousness and Continuity

Consciousness Makes Things Matter

Knowing What It's Like

Works in Progress

I have work in progress on the following topics:
1.   Dimensions of consciousness.
2.  A theory of sense-data.
3.  A puzzle about infinite sums.
4.  How we know pain is bad.

​5.  Iconic representation (w. Josh Myers & Gabe Rabin).
6.  The epistemic role of attention (w. Sebastian Watzl).
7.  Global states of consciousness (w. Matthias Michel) .
8.  Monstrosity vs. Repugnance (w. Brian Hedden).
'More conscious than' expressions (w. Poppy Mankowitz).


Degrees of Consciousness
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Objective Phenomenology
* Erkenntnis, 2022

The Neutrality of Life
* Australasian Journal of Philosophy,


Speciesism and Sentientism
* Journal of Consciousness Studies2022
* Special issue on Animal Consciousness


Modeling Mental Qualities
* The Philosophical Review2021


The Microstructure of Experience
* Journal of the American Philosophical Association2019


Is Consciousness Intrinsically Valuable?
* Philosophical Studies2018


Does sentience come in degrees?
* Animal Sentience2020