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I work mainly in the philosophy of mind, with substantive intersections into ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, and cognitive science. My current research is divisible into three interconnected projects:

The first, The Structure of Experience, examines what kinds of structure conscious experiences have and how to formally model that structure. The second, Consciousness and Value, examines the ethics and metaethics of conscious experiences. The third, The Epistemology of Experience, examines how knowledge of our own experiences differs from knowledge of the external world

For a synopsis of my research interests, see my Research Statement.

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I argue that there are intimate connections between experience and value, and that this has significant ramifications for metaethics.

Consciousness Makes Things Matter
In progress
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I discuss the prospects for first-person technology, or technology for enhancing first-person investigation of experience.

First-Person Technology
First-Person Technology
In revision
Joshua Myers & Gabriel Rabin
In progress
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